CRM Enhanced Fulfillment & Delivery

Using the world’s most popular open source CRM, your entire organization may access, based on your control settings, relevant customer data pertaining to their function. Your sales team can have a complete overview of customer interests, enabling them to cross sell and increase revenue. Link to your ERP Automate complex processes and use the API […]

CRM-Empowers Superior Customer Service & Support

In SonetCRM, all customer communication and interaction with your company is logged in the CRM, from the first-time contact as a lead through first sale, upgrades and add-ons, to every follow-up service or support interaction. This complete overview provides you with the opportunity to deliver the best service and the ability to detect where you […]

Create Successful Marketing and Sales Campaigns With World’s Number 1 Open Source CRM

Marketing- With SonetCRM you can create marketing campaigns, automate e/mailings and tasks, and see the results in reports. With workflow automation you’ll improve your marketing, grow interest in your product or service and send better leads over to sales. Generate leads – Use webform templates to create embeddable forms on your website that automatically assign […]

CRM Reports Provide Executives Greater Control, Freedom and Profit

Customer relationship management (CRM) automation tools provide sophisticated, intuitive and incisive reports which help you interpret your firm’s performance and take appropriate control measures. Automation does not substitute for you. It complements you. It enables you to perform more effectively and efficiently towards optimizing your outcome. You do not cede control of processes, but rather […]

Automated Marketing Campaign Generates 237% Increase In Sales

A print industry client was hoping, without much optimism, to increase his sales by 30% or more because he wanted to sell his business in the next year or two. (Since he’ll soon take the business to market, the business name will not be mentioned in this post.) He’d been in business for years and […]

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Automation Unlocks 175.5% Average Revenue Increase

This site presents the potential for customized automation of customer relationship management software to produce increased profits. Following is proof from other people’s experiences: In his book, “Marketing Automation – Automate Your Business through Marketing Best Practices such as Email Marketing and search engine optimization,” George Pain detailed several case studies to exemplify how the […]

SonetCRM – All-In-One Business Management Software Solutions

A recent comparison was made between Sales Force and SuiteCRM (Sonet CRM is based on SuiteCRM) may should be of interest to Sales Force users.  The costs may surprise you (based on quotes from “price_comparison” Salesforce Lightning Enterprise for 100 users for 1 year – $180,000 For an unlimited number of SonetCRM users – […]

Website and CRM Integration – Your Organization’s Super Power

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software is arguably the most value software your company can utilize, but it is also the most misunderstood and under used.  A CRM system (such as SuiteCRM offered by SonetCRM) implemented correctly and used by all relevant departments has a dramatic influence on the company’s revenue and profit.  Increases in revenue, […]