With SonetCRM you can create marketing campaigns, automate e/mailings and tasks, and see the results in reports. With workflow automation you’ll improve your marketing, grow interest in your product or service and send better leads over to sales.

Generate leads – Use webform templates to create embeddable forms on your website that automatically assign leads to the right campaigns in your CRM. Understand where your leads come from and improve your customer’s journey.

Nurture leads – Create lists of prospective or existing customers, nurture them with automated newsletter, e/mail campaigns. Used the powerful editor to create stunning newsletters and emails, and monitor campaign results in real time.


SonetCRM produces a clearer overview of lead quality, allowing you to detect new opportunities and close deals easier and faster, grow your pipeline and increase revenue while staying in control of your data.

Manage leads – Detailed lead views present all relevant lead information in one single page, allowing easy follow up and updating of information to successfully convert them to sale.

Full control – A central repository over all customer information provides 360 degree view of all important activities and history for all leads, accounts, contacts, open/closed opportunities and more to drive value and uncover new sales opportunities.

Increase efficiency – Powerful workflows allow you to create business logic that evaluates records as they are created and updated, and determines if further automated actions are necessary. As business grows and the volume of data to be monitored increases, automated workflows help maximize the efficiency of business processes.

Reporting – Real time dashboard reporting can be customized to provide visibility with key insights into the sales pipeline.

Contact SonetCRM to make sure you get the most out of your sales funnel and never miss a sale again.

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