Customer relationship management (CRM) automation tools provide sophisticated, intuitive and incisive reports which help you interpret your firm’s performance and take appropriate control measures.

Automation does not substitute for you. It complements you. It enables you to perform more effectively and efficiently towards optimizing your outcome. You do not cede control of processes, but rather delegate them. Instead of delegating repetitive tasks to humans, you delegate them to automation under your control. It is about having better control.

Having control is a function of leadership and management. Without control, managing people, systems and resources becomes virtually impossible.

How to have effective control after CRM-driven automation

CRM-driven automation helps to free you from being extremely active to being extremely creative in your business, having more control in a highly creative way.

Vision-based creative control

With more time and effort freed up, you can focus more on devising creative solutions for the future of your business. Then you can implement control measures to ensure your firm heads towards your vision and implements control parameters using an automated system that ensures your vision is achieved.


With more time freed up that you would otherwise spend working ‘in’ your business – managing, you are free to spend more time working ‘on’ your business – leading. You can focus less on the technical side of the business that is now taken care of by automation and focus more on leadership.

Since all customer data and interaction resides in one convenient place, you have the ability to look at your business as a whole rather than as separate departments. You can easily stay on top of clients and workflows.

CRM programs enable you to more accurately hear the voice of your customer and bring it deep into the organization to inform and guide strategy. You can use this information to focus on customer engagement and build end-to-end customer experiences that delight and build loyalty.

CRM isn’t a technology. It is a methodology and process. CRM software is merely a tool that supports that process and makes your business more competitive and successful.

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