Web Development

We have created a lot of websites for many years, exclusively in WordPress.  As CRM specialists, we know how critical it is to have a website that can integrate seamlessly with your CRM and Business Management System. Your website is your shop window to the world and very often your main interaction with potential customers.

website development project on whiteboard

WordPress is a state-of-the-art web development and publishing platform. It is comprehensive, extensible and free. WordPress adheres to all major web standards and is compatible with all modern browsers. It is cloud based (online) system so is independent of operating systems. So whether you use a Mac, Windows or Linux, WordPress is the solution for you

WordPress and other OpenSource technologies are giving non technical and technical people alike incredible tools to communicate and interact with the rest of the world as never before. And if people tell you that WordPress is just for blogging, think again!

WordPress is one of the most important technologies on the web today!

So what is WordPress?

A WordPress web/blog site is a full development platform for your online presence. WordPress gives you the tool to maintain and update your site without having to hire expensive web developers, graphic designers and consultants. It just takes a little imagination and some computer know-how.

Your WordPress site can reside anywhere, just like a regular website. Many people are now using WordPress as their primary website. WordPress can also be used to complement and enhance an existing site with blogging technology.

Very often the WordPress sites are installed in sub domains such as www.blog.yourdomain.com. The bottom line is – Every business whether large or small should be incorporating WordPress into their online strategy!